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關於《美津濃 (香港)》


1975 年,市川洋行取得美津濃的香港專利權,以獨家分銷商的身分,帶動及促進本港運動的發展,其中包括田徑、高爾夫球、棒球、壘球及排球等。市川洋行善用對運動及運動時裝的知識和經驗,承諾提供優質的分銷服務,並繼續推動運動及運動時裝市場的發展以回饋社會。2020年,足上工業事務所獲得市川洋行正式授權,成為 Mizuno Sportstyle 港澳區的獨家指定經銷商。


About 《Mizuno (HK)》


With the introduction of “Mizuno” brand into the region in 1975, ICHIKAWA SANGYO Co. Ltd (ISCL) as the sole distributor in Hong Kong, has in effect helped in pioneering and development of local sporting industry such as in the fields of baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, running & athletic.  With the pool of knowledge and experience in the fields of sports and sport-fashion markets, ICHIKAWA SANGYO Co. Ltd  (ISCL) pledges to offer quality distribution policies of the suppliers, and to keep on contributing to Hong Kong society in the development of sports and sport-fashion industries.  In Year 2020, FootWork Dept. Factory Officially authorized by ICHIKAWA SANGYO Co. Ltd, as the sole dealer of Mizuno Sportstyle in Hong Kong and Macau District.