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Shipping Policy

《物流配送|Shipping Policy》

Mizuno Sportstyle HK 官方線上店正進行全店免運費優惠。
Mizuno Sportstyle HK official online store is currently having a free shipping on all orders.


1.《Scope of Delivery》
The scope of delivery is currently limited to Hong Kong and Macau only.

您訂購的產品將會透過由 Mizuno Sportstyle HK 的指定承運人,順豐速運(“承運人”)配送至您提供或選擇的送貨地址(視情況而定)。 您同意通過本網站訂購的所有產品均由本承運人發貨。如想了解您的訂單物流情況,可以通過順豐速運的服務熱線或網站,進一步查詢:

服務熱線:(852) 2730-0273

2.《Delivery Company》
The Products you order will be sent, via the designated carrier by Mizuno Sportstyle HK, SF Express ("Carrier"), to the delivery address that you have given or selected, as the case may be. You agree that all Products ordered via the Website shall be shipped by the Carrier. If you want to know the delivery status of your order, you can further inquire through the following hotline or website:

SF Express Information 
Hotline:(852) 2730-0273

Mizuno Sportstyle HK 官方網上商店支援以下配送及取件方式:













辦公室 / 住宅地址直送


3.《Delivery Method》
Mizuno Sportstyle HK official online store supported by following delivery and pick up methods:

Hong Kong


SF Store

SF Express

SF Business Station


EF Locker


Circle K Convenience Store


7-11 Convenience Store


Office / Residence Direct Delivery


一般情況,交貨時間約為任何訂單下的產品發貨後的 2 至 5 個工作日。 請注意,我們無法,也不接受將產品出貨至郵政信箱的訂單。 上述交貨時間僅為估計值,確實的配送時間將根據所選的區域或地區而有所不同。 我們並不於公眾假期出貨。 就本條款而言,“工作日” 指不包括星期六、星期日及公眾假期及任何熱帶氣旋警告信號為8號或以上的日子,或在香港發出黑色暴雨警告信號,或在澳門於上午9時至下午5時之間的任何時間發出類似影響的惡劣天氣警告的日子。


4.《Standard Delivery Time》
Generally, delivery time is approximately 2 to 5 business days after the Product(s) under any order is shipped. Please note that we are unable to and we do not accept order to ship Products to PO boxes. The above delivery time is estimate only, and the exact delivery time will vary depending on region and district being selected. We do not ship on public holidays. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, "business days" mean any days which exclude Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays and any days on which a tropical cyclone warning signal no. 8 or above or a black rainstorm warning signal is issued in Hong Kong or bad weather warning of similar effect is issued in Macau at any time between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

If we fail to deliver the products within the estimate delivery time above, we will inform you and your sole and exclusive remedy is to choose either to wait for products to be delivered, or to cancel your order and get refund. Apart from the foregoing, we will not make any compensation to you.

  • 訂單確認後,不接受送貨地址變更。
  • 不提供指定配送日期及時間服務。
  • 不支持指定其他快遞公司的服務。

5.《Limitation of Delivery》
  • Changes in shipping address will not be accepted after the order is confirmed.
  • Scheduled delivery is not available.
  • Does not support the services of using other designated courier service.

  • 若我們為你連續配送兩次皆無法與你取得聯絡,則本訂單將自動取消,您的貨款亦會退回至您的帳戶。
  • 下單成功後,系統將根據你所填寫的送貨地址及付款時間,通知您預計送達日期。
  • 預售貨品及遇特殊情況下,部分商品可能不適用於以上配送時限,具體以相關貨品、服務頁面及客戶服務通知為準。
  • 若遇大型活動,由於商品訂單發貨量大,可能會影響配送時間,請你諒解,在已發貨的情況下長時間未收到貨,請耐心等待或與物流公司聯繫
  • 我們將盡力在上述預計配送時限內進行商品配送。如果我們未能在預計配送時限內完成配送的,您可以取消訂單並獲得已支付款項的全額退款。除此以外,我們將不會向您作出任何補償。
  • 如遇到特殊情況(如倉庫盤點或節日)、天氣、人力等因素導致延遲發貨或延長送貨時間,客戶服務將會提前以公告形式告知。
  • 若你輸入的配送地址或資訊錯誤,會直接導致無法配送或延誤配送時間。
  • 如您訂購的一種或多種商品缺貨或存在其他無法配送的情況,客戶服務員會盡快聯絡您,並進行後續取消訂單和退款流程。

6.《Special Reminder》
  • If we are unable to contact you for two consecutive delivery, the order will be automatically cancelled and your payment will be refunded to your account.
  • After the order is successfully placed, the system will inform you of the estimated delivery date based on the shipping address.
  • Pre-sale and some special editions products may not apply to the above delivery lead time, customer service team will inform you accordingly.
  • During peak periods, due to the high volume of orders, it may affect the delivery time. Please understand that if you have not received the goods long time after receiving the shipping confirmation, please wait patiently or contact the courier company.
  • We will try our best to deliver the goods within the above estimated delivery lead time. If we fail to deliver within the estimated timeframe, you can cancel the order and receive a full refund of the payment. Other than that, we will not make any compensation to you.
  • In case of special circumstances (such as warehouse stock take, holidays), weather, manpower and other factors leading to delayed delivery or extended delivery time, customer service will notify the customer in advance.
  • If the shipping address or information you leave is incorrect or not completed, it will directly lead to the failure to deliver or delay the delivery time.
  • If one or more of the items you ordered are out of stock or there are other conditions that cannot be delivered, Customer Service team will contact you in time and proceed with the subsequent cancellation of the order and refund process.


If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

如有任何爭議,Mizuno Sportstyle HK 保留最終決定權。

In case of any dispute, Mizuno Sportstyle HK reserves the final decision.